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Reza Marashi

Dr. Dena and his staff are very knowledgable, and efficient with their work. Their pricing is competitive and his work is outstanding. Highly recommend his practice for any dental work you might have.

Daniel Morris

I have been coming to Dr. Dena my whole life he's a very kind and gentle dentist. From the clouds on his ceiling to the tranquil little water fountains in the lobby, the vibe in his facility is very calming and relaxing. Also extremely clean. I highly recommend him to anyone! He will definitely leave you with a beautiful smile.

Touraj Moini

Dr. Dena is phenomenal. He has advanced training in his field and it shows in his meticulous attention to detail. His passion for what he does shines through and he made my visit 100% comfortable and even fun. I highly recommend this office.

Farzin morris

My whole family have been going to dr Dena for the past 14 years. He has done few crowns and a bridge for me. His prices are very reasonable. He is extremely honest and professional . I love the cosmetic work that he has done for my veneers.he also has a great staff and relaxing office .

JS Warfield

Great Dentist. Great staff. Caring connection during my treatment and loved my dental cleaning. I schedule my cleanings for the year and am very happy with the quality of care.

Arte K.

I have been going here for about 4 years now. Its about half of what I was paying elsewhere so the prices are good.

I have had 4 cavities fixed here and everything turned out good.

I refer people here all the time because I know Dr Dena will take care of them.

I hadn't been to the dentist in 5 years because of how expensive and time consuming it was. Now I go every six months because its affordable and I know its worth it.

Patti A.

I just started going to Dr. Dena. I've had two appointments. I think he is attentive and very gentle. I am a happy client. He also kindly helped me with a chipped tooth that was cosmetically bothering me and didn't even hesitate to do so. His office was very clean and his staff are courteous.

Mojan S.

We have been patients of Dr. Dena for over 10 years! My 2 teenagers actually look forward to their 6 month check ups. He is very professional and yet very easy going! I feel at ease in his care! From as early as 8 years old , I have been in and out of dentist offices till I found my jewel, Dr Dena!! He has done well over 10 crowns for me including a bridge and every time I'm going to an appointment, I am excited because I know it will be done "RIGHT"!! As a matter of fact, I was just there yesterday for him to work on my bridge and I kid you not I fell asleep! It felt like I was at a spa! His assistant Brenda is very polite and attentive as well. I like to extend my gratitude to Dr. dena, Rita, Paula and Brenda for caring so much for their patients and their level of professionalism to their patients yet so friendly and caring!
Thank you!!!
Mojan Sande
Ps, I assure all the yelpers when I say this about Dr. Dena and this is coming from a lady who has been in and out of the dentist offices for the past
30 years. He is the nicest, kindest, caring individual and at the same time professional, honest and very gifted!!!
I found Dr. Dena about 10 years ago and my family has been coming to him since!
Non sense about these characters here writing outrageous lies about him. My son is almost 17 and my daughter is 14 and he has been their dentist for the past 10 years. They have no cavities!!! Why because we go to him on a regular check ups and they are better for it.
What kind of a person doesn't see a dentist regularly and then blames the dentist for having cavities?
Sorry but I have to disagree! On the other hand I'm the one with horrible teeth and I have many crowns that he had done for me and redone from a bad dental job from previous dentists.
I respect my dentist, Dr. Dena for his hard work, ethic and talent!
He has made my teeth beautiful! I can open my big mouth and laugh as big as I want because I can!!
Sorry for the longest review!!!

Sherry M.

Had a great experience for my deep cleaning. I've been to other offices recommending the same treatment and I've been charged an arm and a leg. I was referred by one of my doctor colleagues and we both don't mind the drive from North Park to Escondido because Dr. Dena's office is that great. There are other patient perks here too that you will soon discover at their office. As long as I live in San Diego, I will probably be a loyal patient to this office.

Colleen D.

Before we found Dr. Dena, we were spending literally two to three times more for the same services in La Jolla, CA from three different dentists. Here is the best part... Dr. Dena is a MUCH better dentist than the ones we went to in La Jolla. He has the newest technology and his staff is always pleasant and very helpful. So we drive 20 min. each way to see a better dentist and save money. HIGHLY recommend Dr. Dena.

Faith M.

My whole family have been going to Dr Dena over 10 years. He is very gentle and his prices are very reasonable. He has a very clean and relaxing office with friendly staff.

Sarah A.

I cannot recommend Dr. Dena enough. I've had a bad run of luck with dentists who suggest far more work than my teeth need. I feel Dr. Dena is extremely honest. I had one cavity filled recently - I walked into the office and was out, filling complete, within 20 minutes. It was the easiest cavity I've ever had. The office is well-run and efficient, as is Dr. Dena and his assistant. So bummed that I just recently moved and have to find a new dentist. I'm seriously thinking about coming back just to have him do my dental work.

Eric V.

Great and friendly staff. He does some good work. They usually have new patient deals, which was the reason I started to come. If you or a family member or friend is looking for a wonderful dentist. This is the place! Especially if you don't like going to the dentist, it's a comfortable environment.

Christ D.

Great staff and Dr. Uses really new tech, he is fast, very clean and professional. Highly recommend Dr. Dena.

James R.

Came here to get my teeth cleaned and got a very professional & cordial service. Very high tech dentistry, I could see pictures of my teeth live as well as x-rays. The price was less than I thought it would be as well. The doctor was friendly and very knowledgeable.

Tim Deering

Just had my first visit with Dr. Dena and had the most amazing experience. Dr. Dena and his staff are truly first class and are extremely professional. During my exam, Dr. Dena quickly identified several areas that needed to be fixed then explained how he could remedy it all while ensuring that my insurance covered all the procedures. He even waived some of the costs since I was a new patient! The dental hygienist was super nice as well. All in all, if you need a new dentist, look no further. Dr. Dena is the dentist for you.

Sami Baki

I usually don't go to dentists in Encinitas as it's a bit of a drive for me, but I went into San Diego Premier Dental group to fix a chipped tooth & I was incredibly pleased with the whole experience. The atmosphere was warm, the staff was friendly, & Dr. Dena is the real deal when it comes to Encinitas dentists. First of all, Dr. Dena was punctual. All other experiences I've had with dentists start with a 15 minute wait when I show up on time. Not this time. The minute I walked in I was greeted by the friendly staff & was brought to the room where I was greeted by Dr. Dena who made me feel at home. Dr. Dena thoroughly examined my chipped tooth & fixed it like it never even happened.

Dr. Dena & staff made my day. One this I can say about Dr. Dena is he really cares about his patients and tries to deliver the best possible experience you can have at a dentist office. I will definitely make the drive to San Diego Premier Dental Group for all my dental needs in the future from cleanings to teeth whitenings & more. Even if you live far from his office, it's worth the drive to experience the best dentist in Encinitas.

Navid Dena

Amazing experience everytime. Dr Dena has extensive experience and is friendly and personble. He is asomeone you can really trust when it comes to keeping your teeth and gums in good shape. Highly recommended.

Christina Thornton

I did not have to wait long to make ​​​​​​​appointment with Dr Dena, examination was thorough. Dr Dena explained how treatment will proceed and the charges are very reasonable. The front desk ladies are very professional and courteous....It was a pleasant experience!

John Bandy

My friend who referred me to Dr. Dena said he was thorough and professional but did not try to up sell you unnecessary treatments. He was completely correct. They are very accommodating with scheduling availability and see you promptly. Can’t ask for more.

Patrick Mock

Dr. Dena does your cleaning himself, and he is the best, by far, that I have had. His cleanings are usually complete painless. The office is quiet and very well run.

Zahra Nowbahari

Thank you Dr. Dena and staff for your great dental care.
It is important to find a professional, ethical, caring, and honest dentist and dental staff. I have found Dr. Dena and his staff to be all of that and more. I understand that dental care and maintaining my own teeth can be expensive and costly deal but thanks to Dr. Dena, I visit him for regular cleaning and X-Ray, 2 times in a year and have been able to enjoy having my own teeth and saving lots of money, pain, and agony.
Thank you Dr. Dena and staff for your great dental care since 2008

sameera tooraji

Dr. Dena's is the best! Everyone is so friendly, quick, and efficient. The receptionist always has your paperwork waiting for you. I have been going here for 5 years and have never had to wait more than 5 minutes and Dr. Dena always comes right in and explains everything thoroughly and shows you pictures of the pictures taken. Love them!!

Ronan Hr

Excellent service, professional staff and overall a wonderful experience! Highly recommended!