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I recently had my first visit with Dr. Dena for a crown, cleaning and night guard. Crowns are never fun but he did an amazing job. I highly recommend Dr. Dena and I will definitely be going back.​​​​​​​

Rhonda S.

Dr dena and his team are wonderful. Everytime I go for a routine cleaning, I always have a pleasant time. There is never any pain or unpleasant surprise. I recently went for a whitening treatment and I had a great time, dr dena explained the process for me and made me feel comfortable. I was very pleased with my result and the care I was given​​​​​​​

Demi A.

My family and I love coming to Dr. Dena! He takes care of all of us for our bi-annual teeth checkups. I also just got the Zoom whitening treatment from him and I’m excited for my results!​​​​​​​

Hannah C.

Dr. Dena is very patient and thorough, and the cleaning tech skilled as well. Don't dread dental appointments anymore.​​​​​​​

Daniel R.

I am 62 years old. What I have learned through the years is that when you go to a dentist for me at least it’s either good or bad. A lot of the times I feel like once they get me in the chair the theory is how much can I get out of this patient. I believe this dentist is incredibly honest and fair. It is also probably from a technical standpoint one of the best experiences I’ve ever had with the dentist. The quality of his work in my opinion is far superior than most. The receptionist the hygienist and the dentist are all in my opinion off the chart amazing!​​​​​​​

Gary J.

Have been seeing Dr. Dena for over 15 years. Honesty and integrity would be the words to describe him. Since my first visit I never had reason to go anywhere else.

Michael S.

I am grateful that I finally found a good dentist in the area of Encinitas. I totally recommend Dr. Dena. He is very patient and a great dentist. Also, his office staff are very nice.

Priscilla C.

Dr. Dena is very knowledgeable at what he does! He is reliable, personable and extremely kind. You can tell he truly cares about his patients.

Elida C.

Dr. Dena is extremely caring and knowledgeable! Our family has been going to him for years, my kids love to go see Dr Dena, he is very gentle, spends a lot of time to explain the procedure and always does a fantastic job!! We are so grateful to have him as our dentist and highly recommend him!!!

Dela A.

Awesome dentist! Dr. Dena is always so kind, patient, and caring about his patients and makes the often dreaded "going to the dentist" experience very quick, easy, and painless. Definitely the most efficient dentist I've ever been to. I never have to wait for my appointment when I get there. 11/10 would highly recommend!!!

Melody J.

Such a great dentist. He doesnt rush and you feel very comfortable with him and his staff

Kiarash M.

Dr. Dena and his staff are so professional and efficient! So much so that I've never had to wait after my appointment time. The level of care we have received from Dr. Dena over the years has been wonderful! We recommend Dr.Dena to all of our family & friends.

Lovely L.

My visit to Dr. Dena's office was fantastic! The staff was extremely friendly and professional and there was no wait time at all. Dr. Dena did a great job with my cleaning, I will definitely be back!!

Joel V.

Always super quick to get my teeth taken care of. Good at emailing me my biannual cleaning reminder and usually not booked out too far in advanced.

Laura L.

Dr. Dena and his staff are very knowledgeable, and efficient with their work. Their pricing is competitive and his work is outstanding. Highly recommend his practice for any dental work you might have.

Reza Marashi

My whole family has been going to dr Dena for the past 14 years. He has done a few crowns and a bridge for me. His prices are very reasonable. He is extremely honest and professional. I love the cosmetic work that he has done for my veneers. He also has a great staff and relaxing office.

Farzin morris

Great Dentist. Great staff. Caring connection during my treatment and loved my dental cleaning. I schedule my cleanings for the year and am very happy with the quality of care.

JS Warfield

I have been going here for about 4 years now. It's about half of what I was paying elsewhere so the prices are good.

I have had 4 cavities fixed here and everything turned out good.

I refer people here all the time because I know Dr. Dena will take care of them.

I hadn't been to the dentist in 5 years because of how expensive and time-consuming it was. Now I go every six months because it's affordable and I know it's worth it.

Arte K.

I just started going to Dr. Dena. I've had two appointments. I think he is attentive and very gentle. I am a happy client. He also kindly helped me with a chipped tooth that was cosmetically bothering me and didn't even hesitate to do so. His office was very clean and his staff are courteous.

Patti A.

We have been patients of Dr. Dena for over 10 years! My 2 teenagers actually look forward to their 6 monthly checkups. He is very professional and yet very easygoing! I feel at ease in his care! From as early as 8 years old, I have been in and out of dentist offices till I found my jewel, Dr. Dena!! He has done well over 10 crowns for me including a bridge and every time I'm going to an appointment, I am excited because I know it will be done "RIGHT"!! As a matter of fact, I was just there yesterday for him to work on my bridge and I kid you not I fell asleep! It felt like I was at a spa! His assistant Brenda is very polite and attentive as well. I like to extend my gratitude to Dr. Dena, Rita, Paula, and Brenda for caring so much for their patients and their level of professionalism to their patients yet so friendly and caring!
Thank you!!!
Mojan Sande
Ps, I assure all the yelpers when I say this about Dr. Dena and this is coming from a lady who has been in and out of the dentist offices for the past
30 years. He is the nicest, kindest, caring individual and at the same time professional, honest, and very gifted!!!
I found Dr. Dena about 10 years ago and my family has been coming to him since!
Nonsense about these characters here writing outrageous lies about him. My son is almost 17 and my daughter is 14 and he has been their dentist for the past 10 years. They have no cavities!!! Why because we go to him on regular check-ups and they are better for it.
What kind of a person doesn't see a dentist regularly and then blames the dentist for having cavities?
Sorry but I have to disagree! On the other hand, I'm the one with horrible teeth and I have many crowns that he had done for me and redone from a bad dental job from previous dentists.
I respect my dentist, Dr. Dena for his hard work, ethic, and talent!
He has made my teeth beautiful! I can open my big mouth and laugh as big as I want because I can!!
Sorry for the longest review!!!

Mojan S.

Had a great experience for my deep cleaning. I've been to other offices recommending the same treatment and I've been charged an arm and a leg. I was referred by one of my doctor colleagues and we both don't mind the drive from North Park to Escondido because Dr. Dena's office is that great. There are other patient perks here too that you will soon discover at their office. As long as I live in San Diego, I will probably be a loyal patient to this office.

Sherry M.

Before we found Dr. Dena, we were spending literally two to three times more for the same services in La Jolla, CA from three different dentists. Here is the best part... Dr. Dena is a MUCH better dentist than the ones we went to in La Jolla. He has the newest technology and his staff is always pleasant and very helpful. So we drive 20 min. each way to see a better dentist and save money. HIGHLY recommend Dr. Dena.

Colleen D.

My whole family has been going to Dr. Dena for over 10 years. He is very gentle and his prices are very reasonable. He has a very clean and relaxing office with friendly staff.

Faith M.

I cannot recommend Dr. Dena enough. I've had a bad run of luck with dentists who suggest far more work than my teeth need. I feel Dr. Dena is extremely honest. I had one cavity filled recently - I walked into the office and was out, filling complete, within 20 minutes. It was the easiest cavity I've ever had. The office is well-run and efficient, as is Dr. Dena and his assistant. So bummed that I just recently moved and have to find a new dentist. I'm seriously thinking about coming back just to have him do my dental work.

Sarah A.

Great and friendly staff. He does some good work. They usually have new patient deals, which was the reason I started to come. If you or a family member or friend is looking for a wonderful dentist. This is the place! Especially if you don't like going to the dentist, it's a comfortable environment.

Eric V.

Great staff and Dr. Uses really new tech, he is fast, very clean and professional. Highly recommend Dr. Dena.

Christ D.

Came here to get my teeth cleaned and got a very professional & cordial service. Very high-tech dentistry, I could see pictures of my teeth live as well as x-rays. The price was less than I thought it would be as well. The doctor was friendly and very knowledgeable.

James R.

Dr. Dena does your cleaning himself, and he is the best, by far, that I have had. His cleanings are usually completely painless. The office is quiet and very well run.

Patrick Mock